MO DIRT: Missourians Doing Impact Research Together


Soil Health Assessments

November 9, 2017

Soil health assessments were conducted in cropland research plots (soybean, corn and sorghum), prairies (Tucker, Danforth), and...

Soil Health Survey Training - Fulton

October 6, 2017

We offered a training on how to conduct soil health surveys at Westminster College in Fulton...

MO DIRT in the radio

September 20, 2017

Farm & Fiddle is a radio show from the community radio station KOPN that explores and celebrates life on the farm and small towns in mid-Missouri with guests from our rural area and all over the world. During the breaks, Missouri fiddling from legendary fiddlers is played. Sandra Arango-Caro, the MO DIRT program manager, was interviewed and told the story of the Missouri citizens monitoring soil health. 

Soil Health Class

September 13, 2017

The MO DIRT project was presented to undergraduate students from the Urban Agriculture course at Harris Stowe State University. The students also accessed the MO DIRT data search portal and compared sites with different habitats based on their soil characteristics. Rick Meyer the professor of this course is a MO DIRT member and has been monitoring the forest at Forest Park in St. Louis.