MO DIRT: Missourians Doing Impact Research Together

MO DIRT Project Components

Citizen Science Soil Health Surveys

High school students, land owners, farmers, science clubs, lifelong learners, and all citizens committed to research are invited to conduct soil surveys to collect and contribute data that will help scientists understand how soil health and soil-climate interactions are affected in the state.

Soil Science Curriculum

A new school curriculum includes hands-on activities for K-12 students on soil properties, soil organisms, soil health, soil-climate interactions and soil descriptions. Teachers will receive training and a manual with background information, teacher’s protocols, and student’s worksheets and other resources. This program offers weekly activities for the whole academic year including the necessary materials.

High School Scientists

High school students specifically are invited to conduct independent research projects related to soil-climate interactions with the guidance of mentors.

Enrichment Activities

Soil science activities are offered at agricultural educational field days, Earth Day events, summer camps, schools, etc. These activities are designed to promote the “living soil”, the “breathing soil”, MO DIRT, World Soil Day, and International Year of Soils.